Building a Killer LinkedIn Profile

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It matters not if you are using LinkedIn to look for a job, connect with other participants in your sector, or find event leads for your organization. Having an expert looking and appealing

LinkedIn profile will go a long way to get you noticed by the right people. When you build a LinkedIn profile, it is very important to bear in mind that if you want to be noticed by the right people, you have to write for your audience, in contrast to writing for yourself. Your profile ought not be focused on improving your vanity.

Put the ego to one side and instead show your knowledge in a way that will get your target audience’s attention and ready to find out more about you and your organization.  Inevitably, your LinkedIn account is about you as an individual as well as positioning you as an expert in your field.

Cover Photo is a Must!

LinkedIn now offers participants the ability to include a background or banner image to the leading card area which can considerably raise the expert appearance of your account.

Adding a cover photo to your business page can likewise help stand you apart from the more than 500 million profiles.

A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure all images on your LinkedIn profile speak to your target audience in the desired way.

showcase your company by adding an images of the items you sell if relevant or stunning infographics demonstrating the solutions/services you offer.

Your Profile Image Really Matters

Way too many people invest hours attempting to produce a great LinkedIn profile, just to ruin their branding by a poor account photo. Like having a stunning, well-built eCommerce site yet all the product photography was taken by a five-year-old with a cheap camera.

Studies reveal that the majority of people take less than a tenth of a second to create an opinion, hence drawing a conclusion about you from that glance at your profile page.

Since we are visual creatures the weight of this opinion is heavily influenced by your profile image.

If you are going to add a picture of yourself, it must be either a shot of your head and also shoulders or one that reveals your head to the midsection in the frame.

 Make certain that you are dressed well in a way that suitably matches your profile message and function.

A smile will attract the most focus. No moody shots here!  Seems simple enough and it’s not hard these days to get a professional picture done using just your phone, so make the extra effort once and you can forget about updating it for years.

First and Last Name Should be Optimized

LinkedIn is highly searchable, which consists of the name area on your account. When you are adding your name to your profile, you need to determine what possible clients might write within the platform’s search feature to find people like you.

As an example, you are an eCommerce Marketing Specialist, and a potential customer is searching for a person to help advise them on marketing their eCommerce site, or maybe a recruiter is looking for an eCommerce Marketing specialist for a role based in the City of London. How would your name and profile heading appear in their search and what impact would it have?  What would come up if they did a Google search?

It’s your account, and short of using anything prohibited or abusive, you can make use of any type of form of address that you wish.  Nevertheless, it is necessary for you to keep in mind that people purchase from those that they know, trust, and like. So, you need to take into consideration what you write here as it could be off-putting for some.

Don’t include all your degrees or credentials, and also never include emojis or favicons. Just make sure the searchable text represents you in the way that your potential customer/client will like.  

Enhance Your Heading

LinkedIn gives you 120 characters to convey a message where you need to get across what you do, and exactly how you can solve your target audience’s problems. Your heading is where your story starts and should sync up nicely with the full story that you already share with your network

LinkedIn will immediately default to the title of your existing role.

This is typically pretty dull since official job titles say little and sometimes even mislead your audience about who you are. Keep in mind, LinkedIn is searchable so you may be tempted to use your headline to show off your credentials but this claim does little for conveying across what you can do to resolve the real issues of your potential customers.

Utilize your heading to demand a reaction.

Search Engine Optimization Focus

One of the most essential locations on LinkedIn is the area where you input the summary for your company profile. The summary is your chance to create compelling content to impress your target market who want to know more about what you can do for them.  

It is the area that is most visible after your heading and is where you can showcase your competence in the field. It needs to be as good as one can make it.

Only 220 characters but this enough to make a good impression.  Option to click on the ‘see more’ choice. It is vital that you highlight these first few lines as well as words to ensure that you give a clear suggestion of what you do, your abilities, and what value you can add. Ensure you efficiently make use of the relevant key phrases for your industry. Likewise, see to it that your summary is written in the very first person.

When you create in the 3rd person, it offers the impact that you are withdrawn and potentially distant. Your summary is your story, so be as authentic and real as you can and remember this is your real estate, so make it count.

Include Skills and Endorsements

Many people wonder whether this section has any real value for their LinkedIn profiles. The answer is Yes. Firstly, it will show off the skills that you have, and secondly, it lets people who you’ve done business with to endorse those skills.  

In eCommerce, everyone knows the importance of social proof from reviews. Finally, the most important reason why you need to include skills and endorsements in your profile is that they use keywords.  Now, you may still be feeling differently about adding your skills and endorsements because you’ve had people who you don’t know endorse you for skills that you don’t have, which can be frustrating.

However, a recent study conducted by LinkedIn showed that people who include five or more skills in their profile receive 17 times more profile views.

Rather than hiding your skills away, ask your connections to endorse you for specific skills, which they know you have. You can send a simple message through the messaging function or send your contacts an email.

The aim is to get a score of 99+ in all of the skills that you want to be endorsed for, and if someone recommends you for a skill you don’t have, merely remove it.

Get Recommendations

Recommendations and word-of-mouth advertising are often the backbone of a successful business. While your summary and skills sections are an opportunity for you to tell your story, recommendations are an opportunity for those who have done business with you to add to your story through their perspective.

Recommendations provide you and the work you do with credibility. Try to get as many as you can because each one will add a layer to your story and support who you are and your brand.

Some friends and colleagues may ask that you write their recommendation for them. Don’t do this. You want their opinion, in their words.  This is where the weight of the recommendations come from. If this happens, don’t ask them to write a recommendation again, just move on to the next person.

Building Relevant Connections

Ultimately the reason to join LinkedIn is to grow your network, so everything that you do on the platform should be geared toward developing that network. For you to build a successful network for your business, you need to develop the right kinds of connections. This means you have to have a clear understanding of your overall LinkedIn strategy, as well as knowing your target audience.

By understanding these factors, you will position yourself to be able to find the relevant people with whom you can start to build a relationship. Your initial target for quality connections should be 500, but the more extensive your list of connections, the more chances you will have of developing a network in which you will gain significant levels of influence and business.

Get Publishing

Publishing long-form posts on LinkedIn is an excellent way to showcase your understanding of your industry and add value to your profile and network. It is also a way that you can develop influence in your market and become a thought-leader in your specific area of expertise.

To demonstrate your passion aim to write articles that are detailed and in-depth. According to LinkedIn statistics, you want to aim for a piece that is between 1900 and 2000 words. To make your article more interesting and easier to read, make sure to include appropriate photos, questions, SlideShare, and videos.

Post Frequently

Include updates on your news feed frequently. These posts can be in the form of short articles that are no more than say 1300 characters or as short as a single line. You can also add links to your posts that will take readers to your LinkedIn articles, your company blog, or an external news site.

Frequently posting updates on your LinkedIn profile is a great way to create interaction with your network through asking questions, sharing ideas, or commenting on something that you recently read that may be relevant to your network.

Comment, Share, and Like

An integral part of interacting with your network on LinkedIn is liking, commenting, and sharing information with your network. Being real and giving great comments will let your network know that you have read their article or post and are interested in what they have to say. They may or may not reciprocate.

If you think an article or post might have a broader appeal, then share it with your network on LinkedIn, or to your other social media platforms. This helps to give your connections more exposure and is part of how you can build a relationship of trust with your connections and business followers.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, everything you need to know to create a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed.

As a business owner or job seeker, if you want to generate more leads and increase sales, then you have to get your name in front of potential customers or employers and there is no better way to do that then create a killer LinkedIn profile and staying active on the site.

With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for businesses who want to expand their marketing message and connect with more people who are interested in what they do.