Why the Best Jobs Today are in Ecommerce

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The eCommerce industry is bigger and better than ever before. The industry is expected to grow exponentially in the near future; by 2040, 95 percent of all purchases are expected through eCommerce channels. Currently, there are between 12 million to 24 million eCommerce sites globally.

These trends highlight the growing power of eCommerce, with the industry showing zero signs of slowing down. With increased usage of mobile devices and more businesses ensuring their platforms and websites are compatible with mobile, mCommerce is growing, further boosting the eCommerce expansion.

It should come as no surprise to see the demand for eCommerce talent growing alongside this trend, hence seeking employment within this sector might just be an excellent idea. This rapid growth is only expected to increase, meaning the career prospects for this industry are bright.   There are a wide variety of reasons why pursuing a career in eCommerce might just be the best move for you. From flexible remote work to multi-disciplinary learning, the eCommerce sector has a lot to offer people who are either just starting out or professionals looking for a career shift/ feel its time to switch it up a bit.

So, here’s why eCommerce sector now has the best jobs:

Holistic experience

Ecommerce can give employees a holistic experience like no other. People working in such businesses have an excellent opportunity to develop skills in multiple areas, such as supply chain, marketing, customer service, pricing, up-selling, and cross-selling, among other fields. In contrast, other sectors give employees a glimpse in one or two areas whereas eCommerce firms can often provide the entire experience.

A true eCommerce professional will wear many hats and rarely complain about being bored.

Understand the customer’s viewpoint

The eCommerce industry is extremely competitive. Every businesses needs to focus on their brand and overall customer experience. Understanding the customer journey is crucial for developing the best strategies to engage target audience and ensure high conversions.

Working within the eCommerce sector can provide valuable insights into how customers actually think and behave.  Understanding what makes customers tick can significantly boost your career opportunities, not to mention provide solid foundations to perhaps even starting your own business.

Boost your learning curve

The e-commerce industry is extremely fast-paced; businesses have to now adapt to market changes and trends more rapidly then just a decade ago. Working in such an environment will  teach you how to react to real-time developments. Any work you do in the e-commerce sector will be fast-paced with considerable trial and error.  Testing, testing and more testing. Yes things change so quickly the answers are not always readily available online.

Typically, in more traditional businesses, when implementing new strategies it can take some time to evaluate results. This waiting time however is often cut down significantly in e-commerce.  It can be a matter of just days to see if a strategy is on the right path or not.  This pace can significantly boost your learning curve and accelerate progress.  If you enjoy fast pace learning and serious about achieving in three years, what might otherwise have taken ten, then look no further. The 21st century is all about constant learning and adapting to rapid change which is why a career in eCommerce is a great place to be.

Long-term job security & work opportunities

The e-commerce industry isn’t going anywhere; it’s here to stay. The market landscape was changing quickly pre 2020, but now thanks to recent global events this inevitable change has been brought forward by a few years.  Every country in the world, including those in the emerging markets, are moving forward in this regard. It’s not hard to see all the opportunities opening up if we look a little further down the road. Do you think e-commerce is big today?  It will pretty much account for all commerce in the years to come. Career prospects are only expected to grow further as more companies transact online and existing ones expand their eCommerce capabilities.

The risk of redundancy is low as the demand in this industry will continue to grow. Besides there will always be plenty of freelance or contract work available which is likely to be the main mode of employment in the coming years.

Lasting impact

The skills you gain working within eCommerce can easily be applied to other areas, regardless of which direction you want to take your career. This is modern business and everything you learn will be an asset moving forward.

Be at the cutting edge

Working for an eCommerce company will give you exposure like no other; you’ll be right at the forefront of crucial technological developments in digital. Today, eCommerce brands are experimenting with countless innovations. For instance, many online fashion brands are also implementing online changing rooms to allow customers to ‘try’ before they buy.

Ecommerce brands are using innovations, such as voice recognition and artificial intelligence, to transform their businesses. Knowledge and expertise regarding such innovations are essential in today’s fast-paced world.

Innovation across Fintech which of course go hand in hand with eCommerce is another key area to consider.  Such companies are providing a range of alternative payment gateways which further fuel the reach of eCommerce. It’s not just PayPal anymore.

It can sound almost overwhelming, but this doesn’t mean you need to keep up-to-date with every minor development; the e-commerce world changes rapidly, but it’s essential to focus on limited things at a time and bookmark others for later.

Final thoughts

We living in dynamic and exciting times. Change is the only certainty, although we can clearly see where the trends are heading.  The future of work will look very different, already in 2020, we saw dramatic shifts from office to remote working and a change in consumer habits which is likely to stay with us.

If you want to futureproof your career we suggest now is the time to upskill and look at building a career within the ecommerce sector.  Almost every industry is now looking to transact more online be it selling physical or service-based products. This means the opportunities are endless and now with remote working being widely accepted, you are no longer restricted by geography.