The Best E-commerce Training Courses

Ecommerce will likely account for more than half of all commerce across the globe in just a matter of a decade, so you might as well take a serious look.  Fortunately, it offers great opportunities for those just starting out as well as experienced professionals looking for a career shift.  No time to get bored here, jump into this rapid-paced sector, and get to witness the latest technological developments in action.  

Working in ecommerce often provides people with the opportunity to work flexibly and remotely whilst building their skills from the ground up. Holistic approach is key since ecommerce professionals tend to wear multiple hats regardless of where their specialty lies., gaining exposure across multiple areas.

For someone looking to build their skill sets further, there are plenty of online courses to take advantage of.  Basic introductory classes to full-on advanced courses that equip you with all knowledge required to propel you from zero to hero!   Providing you have the dedication.

Here are some of the best e-commerce course providers to check out:

HubSpot Academy

Courses on HubSpot provide an extensive overview of the ins and outs of different e-commerce subjects, such as business writing and SEO training. Every class includes a lesson that’s further broken down into sub-lessons thoughts through short videos.

For e-commerce entrepreneurs, HubSpot Academy is an excellent resource they can take advantage of, especially because many of the courses here are even free. Additionally, these courses’ instructors have first-hand knowledge, making complicated concepts extremely easy to comprehend and practical to learn.


Courses offered on this platform are ideal for those who want to learn things quickly. These online classes are organized according to their subjects, and you can also see how demanding each one by looking at the time it’ll take for you to learn them.

Apart from this, Skillshare also offers courses specific to platforms. Such courses are especially useful to people interested in a specialized focus on Amazon, Shopify, WordPress, Facebook, or Etsy.

For anyone interested in availing these courses, they have an option to pay monthly or annual for unlimited access to all premium content. If not, you can also look into the free courses Skillshare offers.


As one of the top online course providers, Udemy boasts a broad range of courses. These courses are available in various languages, thereby making them extremely accessible. The majority of courses on Udemy are priced at $10, which is relatively on the affordable side, considering how insightful and valuable they are.

Apart from this, Udemy has an extensive range of content from different instructors that vary according to their offered content, credentials, and other teaching styles. Additionally, their course content can cover topics ranging from creating e-commerce stores with WordPress to dropshipping. To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, it’s vital to go through reviews and feedback from previous students before purchasing a course.


Another leading online course provider is Coursera, which offers an extensive range of online classes on various topics. These courses can be up to ten weeks long and require commitment from students since you’ll need to take out a couple of hours every week for at least a month.

For entrepreneurs who experience the highs and lows of eCommerce businesses during the day, a course with a strict schedule might just be the ideal thing for some form of stability in their daily schedules.

LinkedIn Learning/Lynda

While LinkedIn Learning and Lynda may not be free, you can still avail their free one-month trials. Additionally, they offer hundreds of courses to people keen on learning about e-commerce. Their video courses include a wide range of content, including offline materials, transcripts, and overviews.

For business owners, specifically, LinkedIn Learning offers a few extras. For instance, it has lessons specifically catering to individuals and teams both. These learning options are ideal for someone looking to expand their business and want to ensure their team learns with them.


Shopify has many practical courses that people working in the e-commerce sector can benefit from. For instance, it offers a full plan on e-commerce and SEO marketing that’s quick and easy to comprehend. It’s an all in one crash course that’ll take you an hour max to get the basics in order. Apart from this, Shopify also offers other courses, such as on Dropshipping, that you can learn from. Such courses are free and offer their students some precious insights.

Wordstream PPC University

Knowledge of pay-per-click advertising is crucial for anyone who’s working in the e-commerce space. Wordstream offers an entirely free course. It doesn’t just offer PPC content, but also covers social media, targeting insights, keywords, and site design principles. PPC University provides valuable information relating to business concepts. Apart from short courses, it also has white papers and webinars.

The time to take action is now!

The cost of many of these courses leaves little to no excuse not to get started.  No expensive college or University degree will prepare you for this industry. Fortunately many employers are learning this and only care about the skills that are relevant and matter today.   Ecommerce is evolving rapidly so there is no time to stand still. Taking advantage of the numerous resources available to you at nominal rates is an excellent way get a great insight into this exciting sector.

We are confident with the platforms mentioned above, you’ll easily be able to find a course that suits your requirements, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. With the wide range of offerings available, there’s definitely something for everyone!