Elevate your Job Ad Now!

Ever noticed the blandness of most job advertisements?  Some might go as far as saying they are generally just a long list of demands!

To attract great talent, employers need to go beyond the typical HR descriptions of just listing out requirements, along with some uninspiring corporate sounding speak, using old recycled language we’ve heard many times before. Surely we can do better?

The eCommerce space is growing at breakneck speed and will only accelerate further over the coming years. More products and services are now being transacted online than ever before. Innovative fintech’s are the catalysts, building pathways for the emerging markets, providing banking solutions to hundreds of millions of people. The global demand for products and services online is going stratospheric! This means the demand for top professionals who can propel your company forward and raise it above the ever-increasing competition is on the rise. Being a forward-thinking sector, companies have little choice but to remain on the cutting edge of technology and of course digital marketing.

Creative marketing is what strong brands do instinctively, so why not use some of this flare in their job ads?  How a company goes about hiring which often includes writing a job speaks volumes. Think of it as a marketing window for your entire organization. Even established brands that rank high in the minds of job seekers should not overlook the following advice. It really does pay to invest a little effort in every job advert published.

The Killer Headline!

Most eCommerce businesses understand this more than anybody. Having an attention-grabbing headline that captures those eyeballs can never be underestimated. 

The headline can even hint or reveal a little something about the personality of the company. Funny and/or clever, sometimes pushing the boundaries here and there can lead to truly amazing results and bring about more brand recognition.  It should go without saying but you certainly don’t want to upset people with anything that may be deemed overly offensive but playing too safe means just blending in.

Here are some things to consider and try out…..

#High converting characteristics include placing numbers in your headline. Specifically ODD numbers tend to have a higher click-through rate than EVEN numbers. There are various studies to suggest why this is the case but that’s beyond the scope of this article. 

#Split the headline up into two parts.  A sub-headline using a hyphen helps improve clarity and performs around 10% better than headlines without. Think benefits after the hyphen.

#Using five or nine words can also be effective, or 7±2  words which apparently is the rule for the number of objects a person can hold in their working memory.

Main Body Text

It is important to tailor and write using the same words/ language most familiar with your target candidates. Ideally it should be easy to read and flows nicely, maybe some attention grabbing statements or even questions. 

If you have a cool company culture then shout about it!  Offering remote working post-2020 isn’t necessarily a big selling point now. However, flexibility with working hours can be a big thing to emphasize, particularly for those with families.  Maybe you arrange regular team meetups and events or do things for the community. Whatever makes your organization unique, it is worth including this.

Consider links to some videos on your site or infographics that excite and engage. This will go a long way to differentiate you from most other standard adverts, particularly if you are a direct employer. Agency recruiters cannot do this without revealing their client’s names and details. Really take advantage of being a direct employer when composing your ad.

In summary, you don’t have to spend too much time enhancing your advert just enough to stand out amongst the sea of average job ads. Just avoid copy and pasting a standardized/bland job description. A bit of creativity, maybe some clever headlines (not too clever though), whilst following some simple rules suggested above will dramatically increase conversion rates.  Often companies leave recruitment as an afterthought and rarely take job ads seriously. Use this to your advantage and get the people you deserve.